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TRT HD on Türksat 3A New Biss Key 2021

TRT HD on Türksat 3A New Biss Key 2021

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT; Turkish: Türkiye Radyo ve Televizyon Kurumu) is the national public broadcaster of Turkey, founded in 1964. Around 70% of TRT’s funding comes from a tax levied on electricity bills and a license tax on television and radio receivers. As these are hypothecated taxes, as opposed to the money coming from general government funds, the principle is similar to that of the television licence levied in a number of other countries, such as the BBC in the United Kingdom. The rest of TRT’s funding comes from government grants (around 20%), with the final 10% coming from advertising.

TRT HD on Türksat 3A New Biss Key 2021

Affectionately known to local consumers as the “School”,[citation needed] it was for many years the only television and radio provider in Turkey. Before the introduction of commercial radio in 1990, and subsequently commercial television in 1992, it held a monopoly on broadcasting. More recent deregulation of the Turkish television broadcasting market produced analogue cable television. Today, TRT broadcasts around the world, especially in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Türksat 3A at 42.0°E
10958 V 6250
Biss : 20 21 AA EB EE F0 41 1F

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