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PRESS TV HD On IntelSat-20 New Frequency 2021

PRESS TV HD On IntelSat-20 New Frequency 2021

Press TV (stylised as PRESSTV) is an Iranian state-owned news and documentary network that broadcasts in the English and French languages. It is affiliated with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), the only organization legally able to transmit radio and TV broadcasts in Iran. The 24-hour channel, which has headquarters in Tehran, was launched on 2 July 2007 and was intended to compete with western English language services.

PRESS TV HD On IntelSat-20 New Frequency 2021

Press TV promotes Iranian foreign policy and has been described as Iranian government propaganda. It has been accused of broadcasting “the most disreputable of fringe causes” in The Jewish Chronicle, such as Holocaust denial, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories by the Anti-Defamation League. It has aired the coerced confessions of multiple prisoners, the basis for the revocation of its license to broadcast in the UK after one such incident. Press TV has disputed accusations made against it.

IntelSat-20 @68.5E
FREQ: 3835 V 4938
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

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