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Latest Conax Keys Working Update 2021

Latest Conax Keys Working Update 2021

Canal Digital Nordic Key 21
mod: A26849D01758F 7692B51DC10915 F9C06231EFB10 7BE888C14FDA8 220A2366DE0B742A FF7F5D8C0BBAB A6669B3169497D 4C6ED0E433F5DE023 B2687E840B6DAFD
Canal Digital Nordic Key 21
exp: AB8625424072 E2DA7E588797C66 6001FD5B9C652FA 56FCEFA2927CD317 D445FC6AD8D366396 618D88800086BDFE6D B3F6720304C8B59F79 6D4C8CB2FE256891F

Conax CAS employs several versions, namely Conax CAS 3, Conax CAS 5, Conax CAS 7, Conax CAS 7.5 and Conax Contego. Those versions are shared amongst two types of CAM: Chipset Pairing and Generic/Non-Chipset Pairing in which compatible TV Smart Cards may not support one or the other.

Conax stems from Telenor Research Labs in the 1980s. It was incorporated as a separate company Conax AS in 1994.

In March 2014, the company was sold by Telenor Group to Swiss-based Kudelski Group for NOK 1.5 billion.

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