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Eye TV on Paksat 1R 38.0E New Biss Key & Frequency 2021

Eye TV on Paksat 1R 38.0E New Biss Key & Frequency 2021

EyeTV is a European brand of TV tuners that allow users to watch TV on various devices including computers and smartphones. The brand was introduced in 2002 by Elgato Systems and was sold to Geniatech in 2016.
The first EyeTV hardware device was introduced in November 2002.[1] It was a small USB-powered device that contained a cable tuner and hardware encoder in order to convert television video into an MPEG-1 format for watching on a computer.[2] It also had coaxial and RCA plugs to connect it with a VCR or camcorder. A 2002 article in Macworld said it was the “first step” in bridging computers and television, but at this point still had “some kinks”.

Eye TV on Paksat 1R 38.0E New Biss Key & Frequency 2021

The next iteration was released in 2004 and called EyeTV 200. EyeTV 200 introduced a digital remote control and converted video programming into the higher-quality MPEG-2 format. A Macworld review gave it 4 out of 5 stars for “very good” and emphasized the video quality and ease-of-use. A story in the Washington Post said it was more expensive than some alternatives, but worked on a Mac and had good-quality recordings.[3] Also in 2004 the first EyeTV product for satellite television was introduced with the EyeTV 310, which was later discontinued and replaced with EyeTV Sat.

Eye TV
Paksat 1R 38.0 E
TP 4038 V 4800
SiD : 0026
Biss : 12 34 56 9C AB CD EF 67

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